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Bordelaise Vignonne 75 cl

A fine and elegant antique-colored bottle slightly conical for silky wines that assert their identity. The flat ring confirms this elegance.


Bourgogne Vignonne 75 cl

An antique-colored bottle that combines strength and finesse for fine wines with character. A silhouette that asserts itself thanks to a "carrée finish".


Dorato Champenoise 75 cl

An antique-colored bottle that offers character to the fine bubbles of your sparkling wines.
Cap size 29 mm


Long Neck Light

The brassiere bottle that will offer a breath of fresh air to your drinks thanks to its sleek and modern design.



Let the curvaceous body of our amber bottle reveal the authenticity of your products with its iconic aesthetic.


Ale 500

Its amber silhouette and straight neck will bring unparalleled elegance to your drinks.


NRW 500

Adorned with its antique glass and rounded neck, Queen Annie will live up to its credentials to bring a royal cover to your liquids.

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